Studio R12 ~ Creativity and Art Materials for Life's Journey!

Studio R12 is home to a team of wildly creative spirits who gather together to create original stencils, papers and art materials for your creative needs!

We take inspiration from nature, music, color and even the goofy banter that makes the workday fun! We take pride in the quality of our work and stand behind each and every item.

Our creative process usually begins with someone frantically sketching to illustrate an idea before it evaporates. If the idea resonates, it then goes through a process of refinement and embellishment needed to meet our standards of creativity and cleverness.

The refined idea then moves into trial and testing before becoming a product for sale.
Items are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our studio in the heart of a small town in southern Ohio.

We feel honored to be a part of your creative process! Thank you for visiting us today!

Patty, Ted, Dustin, Tiffany, Amanda, Ryan, Amanda, Krysti, Dominic, Chris, and Michelle

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